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Studio of Poornima Iyer, founded in 2019,  strives in creating statement pieces of luxury furniture, lighting and home decor products. 


Each piece, meticulously handcrafted, tells stories through different materials, hues and forms to suit today's lifestyle- modern, yet old. An exquisite blend of soulful details will let you explore the footsteps of the forgotten past and spark that undeniable emotion in you - a connect between you and the statement piece. The surprise element and its uniqueness is what sets it apart to the eyes of the beholder. The available products can be shopped or it can be custom made according to specific client needs.

The studio also specialises in reviving Pattamadai mats handicraft of Tamilnadu, India.  We closely work with the artisans, weavers to consciously bring into the world something of a great value.  To know more about Pattamadai mats, click here! 


There is a soul to each piece of furniture that you add to your space. And when you know it well, it becomes your family.

So, when you are choosing your family, choose the one with an interesting tale.

Poornima Iyer

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