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A unit for prayer space

A Pooja shrine with storage and an extendable platform for any special occasion.

The shrine tells you stories of flowing emotions of a sacred space, with the simple elements that you spotted on streets once. The brass jali door opens to two platforms and a shelf above. It has a square patterned jali in the middle to let in light- right on to the idols. The sides with turned wooden batons create an extra pinch of drama and allows in light of course.
The door has a brass balcony below with a space to put kolam/rangoli in the middle. The extra platform is placed on the roof when not used and is slid in-between the shelves when needed. To top it all, the brass inlay on the top leads to a blue dot in the middle made with the rich Khun fabric.
It's a piece constructed of poetic details that flow together to form a sacred space.

Materials: Teak wood, Brass, Khun fabric

Dimensions: 3ft by 2ft by 6ft900mm by 600mm by 1828mm

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